Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet Candice Covington, ACHS Certificate in Aromatherapy Graduate and Owner of Divine Archetypes

“I have always valued aromatherapy, since I was very young,” says ACHS graduate Candice Covington. “I will never forget when I was 16 I discovered The Aromatherapy Workbook by Marcel Lavabre and that book literally changed the way I interacted with my environment from that time forward. If I had a headache, bug bite, or I wanted to stimulate an emotional or energetic response, I turned to essential oils to support me. Aromatherapy is such an elegant way to address and support almost anything, and that in its own right is remarkable.”

Candice graduated from her ACHS Certificate in Aromatherapy program in 2007 and has previously worked with several holistic health modalities.

“When I started researching aromatherapy courses, this was still a new concept in the U.S.,” Candice says. “Dorene Petersen truly was a pioneer in this arena. When I discovered ACHS, to my knowledge there were no other schools offering anything like it. I was waiting for Dorene! Without a solid educational base, I could not even imagine being able to build my business as essential oils are one of my primary vehicles for expression.”

Since completing her ACHS Certificate in Aromatherapy, Candice has founded and continues to expand her aromatherapy business, Divine Archetypes, which is not targeted at the physical body, but “dynamically addresses the ‘hard to get at places’ that compose the energetic structure of humankind, […] such as elemental constituents,” Candice says.

Divine Archetypes also integrates Candice’s line of ethically harvested essential oils called the Tattvas Essential Oil Collection. Divine Archetypes is founded on “the use of resonant archetypal energies of essential oils and amulets to affect the microcosm/macrocosm relationship of self/environment, ultimately allowing one to Consciously Craft SelfTM,” Candice says.

“The archetypal patterns of these items are expressed through sacred geometry, color, sacred syllables, animal totems, deities, and the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth—the tattvas).” The tattvas, Candice says, are based on Eastern thought. The tattvas permeate the entire body and mind, she says, and all actions are under their influence; therefore, an intimate connection between the tattvas and the structure of our lives would indicate that it is possible to alter our destinies through knowledge and use of the elements.

“I formed Divine Archetypes as a means for researching and developing unique healing tools, methods, and philosophies based upon commonalities across a number of ancient healing practices and philosophies, particularly those focused on primordial, elemental concepts,” Candice says.

Candice will soon launch her first Divine Archetypes retail store in Sydney, Australia. The retail space will be structured as an interactive learning environment and will feature Candice’s oils, as well as amulets and sacred Tibetan artwork (thangka paintings). Store displays will be structured to support and teach concepts concerning Divine Archetypes’ methodology, including which sense gate accesses which element, how this element impacts subtle bodies, and how one can consciously work with and direct this energy for specific outcomes. The store will also offer ongoing workshops to “support, inform and enrich how to take these ‘tools’ from being ‘pleasant’ or ‘beautiful’ to a dynamic means of addressing your subtle-self.”

For more information about Divine Archetypes, visit Candice can be reached at You can also find Divine Archetypes on Facebook at

Read more about the ACHS Certificate in Aromatherapy online at or click here The focus of the Certificate in Aromatherapy is holistic aromatology: the restoration of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health through the application of essential oils. For more information, contact ACHS at (800) 487-8839, email, or stop by the campus at 5940 SW Hood Ave., Portland OR 97239.