Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Squeaky Gourmet in Top 100

"Squeaky Gourmet," co-authored by ACHS graduate Maureen Jeanson, is a colorful cookbook intended to educate and encourage the reader towards a healthy diet. Food knowledge and exciting recipes makes this book a must have for anyone at any fitness level.

There is no need for boredom in the kitchen or dead taste buds in order to eat healthy. "Squeaky Gourmet" offers delicious recipes for every meal or snack.

Maureen Jeanson teams with Jamie Wilson, who is well acquainted with the favor vs health face off, to offer more than 140 pages of wellness education, tasty food ideas, and the exact steps you can take to achieve your own fitness goals.

Maureen graduate from the Australasian College of Health Science in 2004 and was a nominee for the Graduate of the Year. After completing college she earned fitness certifications with International Sports Science Association, American College of Sports Medicine and with the United States Navy. For more information about Maureen, visit the ACHS Alumni in Action page at

Jamie Wilson is a passionate cook striving to feed her family in the best way possible. She loves to teach, so what better way to teach healthy recipes than in a fun new cookbook. Jamie also currently works full time as a Geologist.

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Maureen Jeanson cPT c MH said...

Thank you! We are very excited with the way Squeaky Gourmet has been received. All the reviews coming back have been very positive and I am even more confident that this is the quality product people need and want to continue their path of health and wellness!
The tips and tools we give you in this book are exactly what I used to lose almost 90 pounds of body fat and manage to keep it off for almost 5 years now! Plus, since I am a foodie you KNOW the recipes are tasty...we even have comfort foods!!
If anyone has any questions at all about the book at all I am always available by email!
Thanks again to ACHS for helping me establish myself in a healthy body and a wonderful career!