Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Trends: Wellness Coaches

The December 2008 edition of Entrepreneur magazine featured a 2009 Trends to Watch. The report, which featured some to-be-expected categories like Economy, Digital, and Green, also included Health (which frequently means the pharmaceutical, the cosmetic, or the unrealistic personal trainer routine). Not this time—at least, not entirely.

Yes, there was talk of the number of convenient care clinics expected by 2012 (health clinics in retail locations) and the growing popularity of everything gluten-free popularity. But there also was a significant head nod to the growing appreciate for, and expected increase in WELLNESS COACHES. According to Entrepreneur:

"For people seeking a lifestyle fix rather than a meal plan or workout regimen, wellness coaches focus on the whole shebang—stress and time management, diet and fitness—to encourage personalized, sustainable, healthy behaviors. Both individuals and corporations hire wellness coaches, who can charge anywhere from $60 to $150 an hour [...]."

Holistic health—or complementary alternative medicine—is growing in public awareness. That means a larger job market for trained professionals, more educational opportunities, and, above all, a healthier world. It's a good day!

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