Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain, Rain and More Rain Here in NY

It's been raining in NY for the past three days and the weather report says three more days to come. We are all feeling rather soggy right about now. The sun seems a distant memory.

To brighten up dreary days we can use fresh herbs in our homes. The lemon balm is already fifteen inches high outside in the garden and makes a delicious bouquet tied up with raffia and placed in a vase in the kitchen. It scents the air reminding me of why I love spring each time I walk by.

The chives and garlic ramen are terrific now is soups... yes, soup is the favorite dinner along with some crusty whole grain bread when it's raining and chilly. We can dig up some chives and garlic ramen, because there's always plenty more from whence they came.

Spring flowers are in full bloom here in NY. The azaleas are stunning along with the rhododendrons and mountain laurel. Our ground cover of periwinkle looks so pretty against the green backdrop of leaves. It's chilly out and the ground is wet, but a walk in the rain rejuvenates the soul. It's quiet. We can hear the birds chirp in the morning air calling to their mates. The steady dripping sounds of the rain mixed with the splashes of children on their way to school. It's certainly a spring morning in NY!!

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