Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dr. Lyn Hanshew to be on Healthy Life with ACHS graduate Pamela Heyen

Dr. Lyn Hanshew, a leading expert in environmental toxicity, will be interviewed on Creating Your Healthy Life webcast with ACHS graduate Pamela Heyen on Thursday, September 3, 2009, at 8 am PST.

Dr. Hanshew specializes in toxic environmental issues and their effect on the human body. She will also be discussing treatment modalities that are safe and effective. "Why is everyone so sick?" will be the program's topic, also featuring a discussion of modalities for use with
autism, ADD, obesity, H1N1 influenza, MRSA, and Alzheimer's dementia.

Creating Your Healthy Life airs live on Thursdays at 8 am, Pacific Standard Time on the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel. To access the show, log on at http://www.modavox.com/voiceamericahealth. All shows will be available in Pamela Heyen's Content Library on the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel for on-demand and podcast download.

Each week Pamela Heyen (Heyen Wellness Therapies) interviews key figures in the medical and health field to help her listeners create a healthier and more fulfilling life. For more information, email Pamela at: Pam@HeyenWellnessTherapies.com

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