Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The ACHS Experience - Holistic Counselor

I've been an information junkie all my life. I'd been practicing with herbs, supplements, nutrition and a holistic lifestyle for years. Finally I decided to get the necessary credentials. I started my search for a school on line, as most of us do today. I checked out lots of local institutions... I live in NYC, so there's loads... and decided that with a child at home, PTA President, and a part time job I really had no more hours available to attend classes in person. That's when distance learning became a real solution. After much debate and research I settled on ACHS. Their reputation and accreditation were in order and the staff I encountered in my initial contacts were supportive and willing to help me complete my work. Throughout my studies I received excellent feedback and intelligent critiques on my work. My mentors were bright capable people who took their position as advisor quite seriously. As a result of their efforts, and my own, I completed the program with Honors.

I entered the program never before having worked through distance learning. I was surprised at how much I loved it. Doing the labs with my son was a blast. We made infusions, decoctions, salves and creams. We tasted, rubbed, sniffed and inspected. He even used some of our work as a class project! It was a great bonding experience for us, me being a single Mom at the time. My son is proud of my ACHS experience and calls me Dr. Mom. I knew my son was watching my efforts and so I made certain to ace all my classes. How could I ask more of him than myself. Thanks ACHS. This was a terrific life changing experience!!

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