Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now That I'm Counseling - Holistic Counselor

Since my graduation from ACHS I have increased my client base at a steady pace over the past three years. I have opted for private practice, so my first clients were the toughest. I gave myself away in the beginning. I offered my services in mini seminar format to local groups, churches and businesses for little or no cost. I did work as a volunteer at local shelters for battered women. I had to do much leg work initially, but the results worked. Eventually I had a client who recommended me to another person, and so on and so on, and that is how my practice grew.

I have also used the Internet as a tool in growing my practice and getting my name "out there", so to speak. I have a blog on which I write daily, I also write posts for other blogs and forums. My blog automatically posts to my Facebook page, as well as on my LinkedIn Forum. I use My Space and Twitter to invite followers to read my posts. I invite people to view my blog, suggest topics they would like covered, and comment on my posts. The results have been excellent. Virtually all my clients read my blog daily, and I have received emails from other followers asking for postings on topics they would like covered.

For those of you reading these blogs, the leg work may be substantial in the beginning, but pays off in the end. Don't skip the Internet. It can work for you as well.

Good luck in your endeavors!!

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