Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Holistic Practices - Fusing our Skills

In the next few days the Congress will vote on President Obama's budget. In thinking about the concept of fiscal policy, I am struck by the vast difference between the way we as individuals and business persons are required to handle our finances vs the methodology of the federal government. If my business runs a deficit for an extended period of time, I am out of business. If I follow poor fiscal policy in planning my budget, I will eventually be met with failure. We as individuals are held to a higher standard of fiscal and monetary policy than that of our federal government.

As a holistic health care practitioner I am proud of the fact that I can share with clients not only my expertise in herbal medicine and healthy relationship practices, but also my ability to effectively manage my business and personal finances. My earlier Master's degree in finance and economics gives me the background to share specifics from my personal experience in responsible budgeting and fiscal policy as a part of my practice.

When we, as graduates, move into our chosen field of study, we bring to the table a vast array of skills we may have previously garnered. The more we can incorporate these varied areas of expertise into our practice, the more benefit we bring to our clients. Having a wider base of education and experience give us a more holistic approach to helping our fellow human beings. We can be proud of all our accomplishments and fuse them together to make our practice as beneficial as possible for our clients.

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Lauren said...

True. Working as a holistic health practitioner is a position of service, but it is also how we make our living. Thanks for reminding us that we should draw on the whole of our work history and personal experience as part of our current professional life, not something that just happened before.