Wednesday, April 1, 2009

3 tips for using Twitter to promote your blog

Twitter—aka the new social media which has everyone “tweeting” professionally—is being used in many different ways and by lots of people. At its most basic, Twitter allows you to post short sentences alerting friends and family (i.e., followers) to what you’re doing.

But there are several social networking applications too. For example, some businesses use Twitter to announce new promotions and others use it as a survey tool to gauge customer response and demand.

Yet, for holistic health professionals (that is, small to medium-sized business owners, Twitter is becoming the fastest way to build a word of mouth following.

3 tips for using Twitter to promote your blog:

1. Ask a Question

It’s easy to tell people what you’re doing. But it won’t hold their interest for very long. So, instead of saying “Posted article about caring for your pets with homeopathy,” ask, “How has homeopathy helped your pet to feel better?” Questions encourage conversation, which allows more followers to contribute their experience.

2. Remark

The competition over blog comments can be fierce. But, if you post something that attracts a lot of comments, first comment back. Then, post a short line to Twitter inviting people to join the conversation.

3. Ask for What You Want

Once you know which of the social media referral sites (or voting sites) drives the most traffic to your blog, ask your followers to dish out a review (for example, StumbleUpon, Digg, Newsvine, etc.). Think of it as cross promotion. Every blog needs a little push now and then.

Based on Chris Brogan’s article “How I Use Twitter to Promote My Blog” on Problogger:

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